Episode 15: The Emperor’s New Groove

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Today. on Carlin and Jordan’s Most Excellent Movie Night, we have a story of a llama. An Emperor llama. And how he got his new groove.

That’s right, this podcast just got Disney-fied! We talk about how dated hand-drawn animation can look, why everyone needs a secret lab and their own theme music, and how annoying it is Disney feels the need to slap cultural paint over stories that are very American.

Jordan’s Rating: 3.5 ¬†out of 5 Stars
Carlin’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Star


One thought on “Episode 15: The Emperor’s New Groove

  1. Good review. I just came across this movie a couple weeks ago actually. I really like it, kind of a cult classic as you mentioned. You made some interesting points about it being an American movie with a different culture’s clothes (pun intended), as opposed to Mulan for example. I thought the writing and gags got better and more clever (for a kids movie) as it picked up in the 2nd half. For example I enjoyed the jump roping while Yzma is plotting to find Kuzco, and the “why do we even have that lever” that was repeated. I almost felt this worked better as a movie targeted at teens or tweens. Some of the jokes I thought were told in a way that all ages could get (Kronk’s angel/devil monologues) but older ones would appreciate most. If they want to keep it at a kids level, I thought a better villian would have helped. Yzma I see as an antagonist, but not a villian. After reading about production I’m surprised it was as good as it is.
    Great job!


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