About Jordan

356_521173552547_481_n (1)Jordan began developing his interest in cinema in the hallowed halls of Harford Community College, where he majored in music and mass communications. His student filmography trended towards the avant-garde. It included such riveting work as a chess game played by one person, a girl lying on the ground while a miniature rex rabbit hopped around, and (his most controversial piece) dancing around town dressed up in a dog costume. After realizing his best contributions to film would come from the viewers’ perspective, he spent the better part of a decade as a big-city board operator and small-town radio host. He is currently a professional office drone.

Acting in Katharsis

Acting in Katharsis

Against the better judgement of all involved, Jordan recently combined his love of film with his passion for music. He served as musical consultant and a band member for the upcoming Blue Duck Studios feature length film, Katharsis, and had a marginal on-screen presence. If he gets a credit page on IMDB, expect much gloating and glee.

On a regular basis, Netflix asks Jordan if he’d like to sample selections from categories such as “Dark Scandinavian Cinema” or “Visually-striking Crime Thrillers.” When Jordan asks friends and family members to watch a movie with him, two questions are asked:

  1. Is it in English?
  2. Is the film in color?

More often than not, the answer to both is no. As a consequence, he is quite comfortable enjoying cinema in solitude.

When not watching movies, Jordan is the Host and Master of Ceremonies for Bone Throwers Theater, a roleplaying game actual play podcast that focuses on character-driven drama and cinematic action. He dreams of being a world-famous novelist.


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